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Textured Paving

Textured paving by Bradstone offers the perfect balance of flair and function. Available in a range of four colours, up to four sizes and a circle in the buff shade, it incorporates fine white limestone chippings to provide a softened appearance.

Product available in the following;

BR-TEX-GRY-60-60Textured Paving Grey 600x600x35mm
BR-TEX-GRY-45-45Textured Paving Grey 450x450x32mm
BR-TEX-BUF-45-45Textured Paving Buff 450x450x32mm
BR-TEX-BUF-60-60Textured Paving Buff 600x600x35mm
BR-TEX-DG-45-45Textured Paving Dark Grey 450x450x32mm
BR-TEX-DG-60-60Textured Paving Dark Grey 600x600x35mm
BR-TEX-RED-45-45Textured Paving Red 450x450x32mm

Please note that not all items are stocked at all branches. Please call to check stock availability before making a special journey.