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EASYJoint Jointing Compound

Truly an all weather jointing compound
An all year round hard landscaping product to point your paving that can be used whatever the weather conditions are before, during or after application

Very fast to use
The use of water to wash and fill the joints between the paving is a breakthrough in jointing methodology. It assists the paving grout to compact into the joints so there is no need to 'strike' or 'tool' the joints unless you want a smooth finish.

Less Effort
The wash and sweep in application method makes it easy to use and jointing paving is faster than traditional methods.

Technically advanced
Years of research and continuous development of EASY Joint jointing compound makes this a market leader and a favourite of professional hard landscapers.

No staining or framing
When used correctly and the EASYJoint instructions are followed there will be no staining or framing to the paving. EASYJoint is safe to use with natural stone as well as being ideal for concrete paving.
Detailed instructions on how to use EASY Joint and how to calculate amount needed can be found here:

No Waste
Opened tubs of EASYJoint, if not fully used, can be kept for later use providing they are covered by a minimum of 2" (50mm) or more of water. – There is no waste with EASYJoint. EASY Joint is an environmentally friendly product.

Product available in the following;

5060348980018EASYjoint Mushroom 12.5kg
5060348980025EASYjoint Stone Grey 12.5kg
5060348980049EASYjoint Jet Black 12.5kg
5060348980001EASYjoint Buff Sand 12.5kg
5060348980032EASYjoint Basalt 12.5kg

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